.smooth ambler – old scout

Not really a bourbon, but a blend from two whiskeys created from a bourbon mashbill. One was matured in a new oak cask (so; bourbon) while the other has spend its time in a rejuvenated cask (so; not bourbon). 49.5% abv, €65  American whiskey Nose: a sweet and creamy caramel with pear drops and sour … Continue reading .smooth ambler – old scout


.inchmoan – 12yo

Drinks By The Dram Scotch #WhiskyAdvent Calendar door four hid a rather unknown single malt. The island in the middle of the Loch Lomond, where in the old days the peat for the neighbouring villages came from, lends its name to this 12 year old single malt from the versatile Loch Lomond distillery. A heavily … Continue reading .inchmoan – 12yo

.bower hill – reserve rye

From the fourth door of the Drinks by the Dram American #WhiskeyAdvent Calendar, a straight rye from Bowel Hill, allegedly distilled at MGP in Indiana. 43% abv, €80  rye whiskey Nose: a minty rye. Lots of peppermint and young sage over freshly baked rye bread Palate: creamy, with the spiciness of cloves and sage. More … Continue reading .bower hill – reserve rye

.monkey shoulder

Ah, yes. The Monkey Shoulder. Crafted from the three William Grant’s Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie distilleries in Dufftown, the capital of the Speyside region, hiding behind door number three of the Drinks by the Dram Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. 40% abv, €30 blended malt Nose: the fruity scent of very ripe Golden Delicious apples and … Continue reading .monkey shoulder

.roughstock – montana spring wheat whiskey

This Roughstock wheat whiskey I discovered behind the third door of the 2017 Drinks by the Dram American Whiskey Advent Calendar is created from a locally grown spring wheat, which was double distilled in copper pot stills before it was matured in previously used malt casks and finished in heavily toasted French Oak casks. 45% … Continue reading .roughstock – montana spring wheat whiskey

.port askaig – 8yo

For us, most of the times we arrived on Islay our ferry landed on Port Askaig, one of the two ports of the island. Although there is no distillery with this name, the spirit in the bottle comes from one of the islands many distilleries, in this case, most likely from the distillery you encounter … Continue reading .port askaig – 8yo

.glenfarclas – 21yo

Today, the first day of the Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar from Drinks by the Dram opens to a 21 year old Glenfarclas. Always known for their typically sherried whiskies, so I expect this to be nothing else... 43% abv, €100  single malt Nose: *BOOM* fino sherry! Then, with a little more patience, juicy red apples, … Continue reading .glenfarclas – 21yo

.michter’s us*1 unblended american whiskey

The first door of this year's DrinksByTheDram American Whiskey Advent Calendar starts with a fine American whiskey from the Michter's distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. Fully matured in "Bourbon soaked American White oak barrels" for three years. 41,7% abv, €60 single malt Nose: A whiff of sweet corn with a woody (pine) layer on top. Freshly … Continue reading .michter’s us*1 unblended american whiskey

.the dublin liberties – oak devil

Double distilled Irish single malt blended with Irish grain whiskies, resulting in the Dublin Liberties - Oak Devil, aged for more than three years in ex-Bourbon barrels: A carved Oak Devil stood over the arched entrance to The Liberties, gleefully surveying the mayhem and mischief beyond in the quarter known as hell. Then, suddenly, the Oak Devil … Continue reading .the dublin liberties – oak devil

.glen grant – 1954 – g&m

I have been lucky enough to have tasted a Glen Grant from the cellars of Gordon & MacPhail on an earlier moment, which was grand - with a side-note on the rather present wood notes. Now, another Glen Grant of the same year is in my glass, with at least a year extra in a … Continue reading .glen grant – 1954 – g&m