.kilchoman – sanaig

A classic Kilchoman (can I already say that, after only eleven-ish years of distillery existence?) with added layers of ex-Sherry to the ex-Bourbon maturation, perfectly positioned between her siblings Machir Bay (predominantly ex-Bourbon) and the Loch Gorm (fully ex-Oloroso Sherry), with a predominance from ex-Oloroso casks, designed to stay as a continuous addition in the … Continue reading .kilchoman – sanaig


.caol ila – 2004-2016 – g&m

Caol Ila - do we really need an introduction here? By far the largest distillery on the Island of Islay on the west-coast of Scotland, producing the vast majority of peated content of the mother company's blended whiskies, and undoubtedly their competitors' as well. Still, there is enough left to have a small range of … Continue reading .caol ila – 2004-2016 – g&m

.glen elgin – 1998-2014 – g&m

Glen Elgin, one of Diageo's malts which disappears into blends for most of its production since their production started in 1900. Small parts of their production is kept aside for their own small bottling range. Since most is sold to blenders, the malt is (relatively) easy obtained by independent bottlers, who in their turn make … Continue reading .glen elgin – 1998-2014 – g&m

.glentauchers – 1996-2016 – g&m

It is a shame that most of the four million litres of the 1898 founded Glentauchers distillery ends up in today's blends, as it has for most of its existence. Lucky enough, the good people at Gordon & MacPhail have the rights to bottle their distillery labels range and rescue small amounts to release it … Continue reading .glentauchers – 1996-2016 – g&m

.glenfiddich – project xx

Glenfiddich Experimental project #02, called Project XX (twenty). Picked by the same number of whisky experts & Glenfiddich ambassadors from all over the world from the Conval warehouses up the hill from the distillery. They were given a free hand in opening casks in this warehouse (I would have loved to see this in person) of … Continue reading .glenfiddich – project xx

.glenfiddich – project ipa

I love some experimentation from time to time. Traditions are nice, but can prove to be... more of the same at some point. Malt Master Brian Kingsman from Glenfiddich must have thought a similar thought when he sipped a beer from local Speyside craft brewer Seb Jones, and together, they cooked up some ideas. It ended up by … Continue reading .glenfiddich – project ipa

.irish single malt – 24yo – tbwc – batch 1

An Irish single malt from #BoutiqueyWhisky twitter tasting from an unknown source. 24 years ago, in 1993, there were only 2 options, the (then) recently opened Cooley Distillery and the mass-producing plant in Midleton where, in 1966, the three remaining distilleries of that period joined forces. The hint on the label refers to the latter … Continue reading .irish single malt – 24yo – tbwc – batch 1

.glenrothes – 25yo – tbwc – batch 3

At the #BoutiqueyWhisky twitter tasting, we sampled a 25 year old Glenrothes, bottled at cask strength into only 139 bottles. Know for their beefy, slightly sulphur-y spirit, the Glenrothes mostly bottles their whiskies from ex-Sherry casks. Looking at, and sniffing this dram, I doubt the spirit has ever been close to one, let alone seen … Continue reading .glenrothes – 25yo – tbwc – batch 3

.mortlach – 18yo – tbwc – batch 3

Mortlach, the Beast of Dufftown. Primarily created and sold to blenders for her meaty and complex characteristics, often seen with independent bottlers, most of the time from very active ex-Sherry butts. Welcomed and treated as royalty amongst whisky lovers around the globe... 48.3% abv, €100 single malt Nose: a very un-Mortlach-y sweet nose, with buckets full of fresh … Continue reading .mortlach – 18yo – tbwc – batch 3

.secret distillery – 15yo – tbwc – batch 2

A single malt whisky from "a secret distillery in the Highlands of Scotland, with the sixteen hybrid swan-m'n on the label". A beautiful pinkish-red hue, hinting towards a red wine or port maturation or finish - if you are into relying on taking anything from a whisky's colour, this is a hint you can take … Continue reading .secret distillery – 15yo – tbwc – batch 2