.glendronach – 19yo – twe exclusive

GlenDronach. Known for their (overly) sherried whiskies and many exclusive cask strength bottlings. They have built a huge fan club with these types of whiskies, and many resellers, whisky clubs and festivals jump on the bandwagon to provide their visitors and members with one of these bottlings. I wonder how much time it will take … Continue reading .glendronach – 19yo – twe exclusive

.the english whisky company – classic – twe exclusive

St. George's distillery in Roundham, Norfolk, in the midst of England, has a vast selection of malts, as the area is (one of) the largest malt production areas in the world. Combined with the Breckland aquifer beneath the distillery, there was no reason not to built a distillery at this location. They are only distilling … Continue reading .the english whisky company – classic – twe exclusive

.benriach – 17yo – twe exclusive

Another Whisky Exchange Exclusive we received a sample of recently. Normally I am not a big fan of overly sweet and heavy Pedro Ximenez matured or finished whisky, but this has a very subtle PX-touch.48.9% abv, €140, single maltNose: delicate, sweet, caramel apples, fresh wood chips, herbs with hard leaves, laurel, a hint of rosemary … Continue reading .benriach – 17yo – twe exclusive

.arran – 14yo – twe exclusive

Our friend Billy from the Whisky Exchange, provided us with some samples of whisky all exclusive for sale at the Whisky Exchange shop, among which this beautiful 14yo ex-bourbon barrel matured Arran whisky..picture nicked fromthewhiskyexchange.com55.5% abv, €100, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colourNose: fruity, sweet, floral, jasmine flowers, honeysuckle, a hint of liquoricePalate: sweet, floral, … Continue reading .arran – 14yo – twe exclusive

.ledaig – 7yo – twe

59,6% abv, €??, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colourNo tasting notes, tasted at Maltstock 2013, during the Whisky Exchange's MasterclassMark: ++++/+More info: really nice, this one. Proof that not all whisky needs to be at an old age to be drinkable. Many present gave this whisky a much higher age when first guessing. That said; … Continue reading .ledaig – 7yo – twe