.rittenhouse – straight rye 100 proof

From the versatile Heaven Hill distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, comes this straight rye, which is bottled in bond. From that, we know it has been distilled in one single year, from the same master distiller, has matured in an American Warehouse for at least four years in a new American Oak cask, before it was … Continue reading .rittenhouse – straight rye 100 proof

.michter’s us*1 straight rye

America's oldest whiskey variety - rye, is bottled at the Michter's distillery from a single barrel "a unique attribute reflecting our extraordinary commitment to offering Kentucky Straight Rye whiskey of the absolute highest quality at every level of the Michter’s range." Let's see about that... 42.4% abv, €60 straight rye Nose: a mouthful of sweetness and … Continue reading .michter’s us*1 straight rye

.bower hill – reserve rye

From the fourth door of the Drinks by the Dram American #WhiskeyAdvent Calendar, a straight rye from Bowel Hill, allegedly distilled at MGP in Indiana. 43% abv, €80  rye whiskey Nose: a minty rye. Lots of peppermint and young sage over freshly baked rye bread Palate: creamy, with the spiciness of cloves and sage. More … Continue reading .bower hill – reserve rye

.high west double rye

46% abv, €50, straight ryeNose: bathing soap, eucalyptus, herbs, junipers berries, soap, rosemary, eucalyptus, burned orange zest, oranges, agave, pencil shavingsPalate: spicy, soap, rosemary, butter, white pepper, flat, butterFinish: soap, short, rosemaryMark: +/++++Conclusion: my first reaction was "ugh". The nose gets a little better with water, but flattens on the palate. /me no likey. The mark is mainly based … Continue reading .high west double rye

.pikesville straight rye

40% abv, €30, straight ryeNose: sharp, fresh, mint, eucalyptus, vanilla, banana, wood, salted butter, citrus, tea, sagePalate: gentle, fruit, ripe banana, salt butter, white pepper, sweet, vanillaFinish: dry, medium long, banana, banana flavoured foam candy, sweet, vanilla, werthers'Mark: +++++Conclusion: I am not sure about this. It is more like a banana milkshake, with quite some alcohol...4th whiskey in the … Continue reading .pikesville straight rye