.peat’s beast

What can I say about this one: a single malt, from an undisclosed distillery on Islay. Most often this means we are either working with a young Laphroaig or a Caol Ila, where - at this moment, the first is more difficult to obtain for blenders and indie bottlers, so my money is on the … Continue reading .peat’s beast

.port askaig – 8yo

For us, most of the times we arrived on Islay our ferry landed on Port Askaig, one of the two ports of the island. Although there is no distillery with this name, the spirit in the bottle comes from one of the islands many distilleries, in this case, most likely from the distillery you encounter … Continue reading .port askaig – 8yo

.octomore – 10yo – 2nd edition

Where the whiskies from Bruichladdich excel in their sweet complexity and fruity body, her heavily peated sister Port Charlotte adds layers of peat smoke, liquorice root and a minty freshness, 'simply' by drying the barley above a peat fired heat source. Like most Islay whiskies, this heavily peated malt has a measurable phenol content of about 40 … Continue reading .octomore – 10yo – 2nd edition

.port charlotte – 10yo – second edition

Once upon a time, to be precise, last Thursday at 20:00h CET, there was a #tenstroika twitter tasting. This tasting was professionally guided by the good people of Bruichladdich's communications team, who had gifted us the troika of the second editions of the Laddie Ten, the heavily peated Port Charlotte 10 and the über-peated Octomore 10. After we had sniffed, sipped, … Continue reading .port charlotte – 10yo – second edition

.big peat – christmas 2015

Ho ho ho... Big Peat is back with the fifth Christmas edition of his all-Islay blended malt (still including Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila and even Port Ellen), and his sleigh is on fire! Smoking hot at that because of the cask strength release...53.8% abv, €50, blended maltNose: sweet, liquorice, salted butter, cinnamon, smoke, charcoalPalate: hot, smoky, sweet, … Continue reading .big peat – christmas 2015

.octomore – 07.1_208

Every now and then, Bruichladdich bottles a new version of their Octomore, the world's most heavily peated single malt. This seventh annual edition's malted barley has received a peating level of a whopping 208 phenol parts per million. During the Fèis Ìle 2015, this latest edition - matured in American Oak, was still being bottled … Continue reading .octomore – 07.1_208

.octomore – 6.3 – islay barley

"For the very first time we are proud to release Octomore whisky distilled from 100% Islay barley and harversted in 2008 by farmer James Brown at Lorgba, a single field on his Octomore farm.Peated to a stratospheric 258ppm, the highest ever released in the industry, this extraordinary dram embodies its island origins and carries its phenol count … Continue reading .octomore – 6.3 – islay barley

.port charlotte – 2001-2014 – the maltman – #846

We do not see very often that an independent bottler releases a whisky from the Bruichladdich distillery, simply because the distillery hardly ever sells a cask. Every now and then - if you are lucky, you can find a bottle that does not have the official, contemporary label on the bottle, but nevertheless is a distillate … Continue reading .port charlotte – 2001-2014 – the maltman – #846

.octomore 7.2

"The latest exemplar of the cult that surrounds the world's most heavily peated whisky series. A limited edition Cuvée that marries spirit matured in classic American oak with spirit matured in casks that once held Syrah created in the great vineyards of the Northern Rhône valley."58.5% abv, €110, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colourNose: sweet, honey, red fruit, cherries, stone fruit, … Continue reading .octomore 7.2

.port charlotte – islay barley – 2008

"Port Charlotte Islay Barley represents a milestone. For the first time, perhaps in the island history, a heavily peated single malt has been distilled using Islay grown barley. The wind-driven rain that lashes Islay's fields, and the Atlantic air breathed by the casks as they mature by the shores of Loch Indaal, gives the whisky … Continue reading .port charlotte – islay barley – 2008