.glen grant – 1954 – g&m

I have been lucky enough to have tasted a Glen Grant from the cellars of Gordon & MacPhail on an earlier moment, which was grand - with a side-note on the rather present wood notes. Now, another Glen Grant of the same year is in my glass, with at least a year extra in a … Continue reading .glen grant – 1954 – g&m


.caol ila – 2004-2016 – g&m

Caol Ila - do we really need an introduction here? By far the largest distillery on the Island of Islay on the west-coast of Scotland, producing the vast majority of peated content of the mother company's blended whiskies, and undoubtedly their competitors' as well. Still, there is enough left to have a small range of … Continue reading .caol ila – 2004-2016 – g&m

.glen elgin – 1998-2014 – g&m

Glen Elgin, one of Diageo's malts which disappears into blends for most of its production since their production started in 1900. Small parts of their production is kept aside for their own small bottling range. Since most is sold to blenders, the malt is (relatively) easy obtained by independent bottlers, who in their turn make … Continue reading .glen elgin – 1998-2014 – g&m

.glentauchers – 1996-2016 – g&m

It is a shame that most of the four million litres of the 1898 founded Glentauchers distillery ends up in today's blends, as it has for most of its existence. Lucky enough, the good people at Gordon & MacPhail have the rights to bottle their distillery labels range and rescue small amounts to release it … Continue reading .glentauchers – 1996-2016 – g&m

.benromach – sassicaia – 2009

In 2009, the Benromach distilled batch of spirit which was put to rest in first fill ex-Bourbon barrels. Not unlike their in 2007 distilled Sassicaia release, they decided to put the matured spirit in ex-Sassicaia casks from the Bolgheri region in Tuscany, and 28 months later they emptied these casks into 7783 bottles. 45% abv, €50 single … Continue reading .benromach – sassicaia – 2009

.caol ila – 2005-2016 – cask strength – g&m

To share some love about their Wood Makes the Whisky programme, Gordon & MacPhail sends us regular packages with samples to try. Whenever a Caol Ila is shipped with these packages we get happy about it, and draw straws who gets to taste it first. I drew the short straw, but at the same time, … Continue reading .caol ila – 2005-2016 – cask strength – g&m

.smith’s glenlivet – 1948 – g&m

This must be one of the older whiskies I have ever tasted. From the ridiculously kind Gordon & MacPhail, we received a package of six sampled from their Speyside Collection, for us to review. Smith’s Glenlivet 1948 was distilled on the 11th of February 1948, was matured in first fill Sherry butt #545 and then got … Continue reading .smith’s glenlivet – 1948 – g&m

.glen grant – 1949 – g&m

In 1949, my father was still playing in a sandbox with his brothers somewhere in the Netherlands, and my mother wasn't even born yet. The Glen Grant distillery in Rothes, Scotland however, was distilling the whole year around and sold some of their spirit to Gordon & Macphail. They were frequent visitors that year, and … Continue reading .glen grant – 1949 – g&m

.strathisla – 1953-2012 – g&m

In the beginning 1953, a flood covered large parts of the south-western parts of the Netherlands, Belgium and the East coast of the UK, including parts of Aberdeenshire in Scotland. At the end of that same year, on the 19th of December 1953, the Strathisla distillery filled fresh ex-Sherry butt #1614 of Gordon & MacPhail with their … Continue reading .strathisla – 1953-2012 – g&m

.mortlach – 1954-2012 – g&m

Mortlach is one of the distilleries that has often been named as a hidden gem amongst whisky enthusiasts. I myself have become one of the may fans of this distillery that offers a small set of official distillery bottlings, but has a large number of independent bottlers who regularly release casks of the meticulously crafted spirit … Continue reading .mortlach – 1954-2012 – g&m