.7 continents gin – tbgc – batch #1

#WorldGinDay. Saturday 10th June 2017 is the ninth annual World Gin Day, and, as it appears, I have missed all eight previous editions. No big surprise really, since I have only become interested in the noble drink in the last year or so, but that is no reason for me not to join in on … Continue reading .7 continents gin – tbgc – batch #1


.lakes distillery – gin

I am not much of a gin drinker, mainly because the distillers always seem to need to use an abundance of coriander, and I really detest coriander. Although many herbs are used in this gin - among which Cumbrian juniper, meadowsweet, hawthorn, heather and bilberry, they seem to have eased up on the coriander, which … Continue reading .lakes distillery – gin