.koval – four grain

Koval, the Black Sheep of American Whiskey from Chicago produce a range of (whiskey)spirits, amongst which we can find one created from four grains. As with all their products, this has been bottled from a single barrel, from cereals purchased from Organic farmers. 47% abv, €45 grain whisky Nose: sweet, ripe berries and cherries, a … Continue reading .koval – four grain

big peat – dbtd edition

Big Peat. After a couple of years, he has become a well known face in the shelve on many peated-whisky lovers' collections. A blended malt of several Islay malts, with several special releases for special occasions, each with their special strength. Created in the laboratories of Douglas Laing, especially for the generous people of Drinks … Continue reading big peat – dbtd edition

.ragtime rye

Brooklyn,New York. After a long absence of (illicit) distilling in the area, a team of brewers and mixologists decided to build a distillery to create the perfect spirits to be used in cocktails, served from their own bar. Let me find out what it does unmixed... 45.2% abv, €50 straight rye Nose: a touch of … Continue reading .ragtime rye

.bower hill – reserve rye

From the fourth door of the Drinks by the Dram American #WhiskeyAdvent Calendar, a straight rye from Bowel Hill, allegedly distilled at MGP in Indiana. 43% abv, €80  rye whiskey Nose: a minty rye. Lots of peppermint and young sage over freshly baked rye bread Palate: creamy, with the spiciness of cloves and sage. More … Continue reading .bower hill – reserve rye

.michter’s us*1 unblended american whiskey

The first door of this year's DrinksByTheDram American Whiskey Advent Calendar starts with a fine American whiskey from the Michter's distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. Fully matured in "Bourbon soaked American White oak barrels" for three years. 41,7% abv, €60 single malt Nose: A whiff of sweet corn with a woody (pine) layer on top. Freshly … Continue reading .michter’s us*1 unblended american whiskey

.glengoyne – 12yo

If there ever was a distillery that has a debatable region, it is the Glengoyne distillery - depending who you ask. The distillery part of the facility is in the Highlands of Scotland, the warehousing facility is at the Lowlands side of the main road, which splits the two regions geographically. For all sense and purposes, … Continue reading .glengoyne – 12yo

.you never know what you’re gonna get

  “Bourbon is an acquired taste”. That is what people always told me when I first started drinking whisky years ago. These same people also told me that it was possible to fall in love with Scotch after drinking Bourbons for some time, but most definitely not the other way around. Oblivious as to what the … Continue reading .you never know what you’re gonna get