.caol ila – 2004-2016 – g&m

Caol Ila - do we really need an introduction here? By far the largest distillery on the Island of Islay on the west-coast of Scotland, producing the vast majority of peated content of the mother company's blended whiskies, and undoubtedly their competitors' as well. Still, there is enough left to have a small range of … Continue reading .caol ila – 2004-2016 – g&m


.jura – 1995-2010 – g&m – cc

43% abv, €45, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colourNose: briny, salty, sweet, fudge, soft caramel, toffee, fruity, sweet pineapple, bees-waxPalate: spicy, hot, band-aids, briny, a whiff of smoke, metallicFinish: long, briny, smoke, ash, band-aidsMark: +++++Conclusion: You know that moment that you know for certain that you bought a bottle of that wonderful whisky you once tasted … Continue reading .jura – 1995-2010 – g&m – cc

.bladnoch – 1993-2009 – g&m

43% abv, single maltNose: gentle, fruity, plumsPalate: whiste pepper, slightly sugar-sweetFinish: quite short, sharp, slight bitter (like beer = good)Mark: +++++Conclusion: my favorite of the evening. Might do nice as an aperitif.tasted during my visit to a whiskyclub in the Ardshiel Hotel in Campbeltown.

.bladnoch – 1991 – g&m – cc

40% abv, single maltNose: gentle, no fireworks, fresh sour, sweetPalate: toffee, slight bitter - appleFinish: medium long, firm, mildly sweetMark: +++++Conclusion: fine choice of whisky, but not a homerun.