.caol ila – 2004-2016 – g&m

Caol Ila - do we really need an introduction here? By far the largest distillery on the Island of Islay on the west-coast of Scotland, producing the vast majority of peated content of the mother company's blended whiskies, and undoubtedly their competitors' as well. Still, there is enough left to have a small range of … Continue reading .caol ila – 2004-2016 – g&m


.caol ila – 15yo – unpeated style

An unpeated style Caol Ila is not that unheard of anymore. Since the introduction of the Special Releases in 2001, Diageo has had a regular addition of a differently aged unpeated Caol Ila added to their portfolio. This in 2000 distilled version has matured for 15 years in a combination of refill American Oak Hogsheads and refill … Continue reading .caol ila – 15yo – unpeated style

.caol ila – 2005-2016 – cask strength – g&m

To share some love about their Wood Makes the Whisky programme, Gordon & MacPhail sends us regular packages with samples to try. Whenever a Caol Ila is shipped with these packages we get happy about it, and draw straws who gets to taste it first. I drew the short straw, but at the same time, … Continue reading .caol ila – 2005-2016 – cask strength – g&m

.caol ila – 18yo

Sometimes I am sipping a Caol Ila on the shores of the island of Islay. My feet dipped in the ocean, the heat from a fire roasting a good local beef nearby, the smoke coming from the Port Ellen maltings filling the air around me, just enough not to bother or overwhelm me. Too bad … Continue reading .caol ila – 18yo

.caol ila – douglas laing – young and feisty

46% abv, €60, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colourNose: lots of peat smoke at first. Young and feisty is a good descriptor with the scent of wet malt coming through the peat. It is also very briny and has some seaweed, salty bacon and sweet, red berriesPalate: spicy and sweet, salted chocolate with caramel chunks - … Continue reading .caol ila – douglas laing – young and feisty

.caol ila – distillers edition 1997-2010

43% abv, €65, single malt, caramel E150 addedNose: sweet, light smoke, fruity, mango, dried plumsPalate: sweet, honeycomb, spicy, nutmeg, wood-smoke, dried fruit, mango, apricots, slight metallicFinish: rather short, mild smoke, metallicMark: +++/++Conclusion: nice enough to consider whenever one is on a shopping spree and this needs rescuing.More info: 1997-2010, finished in ex-Moscatel wine casks, C-si; 6-470Sample was … Continue reading .caol ila – distillers edition 1997-2010

.caol ila – 33yo – douglas laing – director’s cut 0067

58,8% abv, €350, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colourNose: sweet smoke, metallic, meat, bbq, caramel, toffee, creamy, salted butter, chocolate, floral, heatherPalate: sweet, dry, smoke, bbq, ash, leather, spicy, cinnamon, creamy, salty, vegetable oil, dark chocolateFinish: sweet, smoke, ash, chocolate, 'hard', liquorice rootMark: ++++/+Conclusion: ow... my first adventures into whisky were with Islay peat. From a … Continue reading .caol ila – 33yo – douglas laing – director’s cut 0067

.caol ila – distillery edition – 1998

43% abv, €50, single malt, caramel E150a addedNose: gentle smoke and peat, rumlike, sugarcane, warm wood, like in a sauna, raisins, fruit, green herbs, like sagePalate: sweet, very gentle, rum, sugarcane, creamy, walnutsFinish: medium-long, sweet, wood, nutsMark: +++++Conclusion: Although it was a quick note at a friends place I made on my phone, I think … Continue reading .caol ila – distillery edition – 1998

.caol ila – feis ile 2012

60,4% abv, €161, single malt, single cask, cask strengthNose: immediately I want to turn on the barbecue: meat, peat smoke, salty bacon and sweet barbecue sauce (“Brown Sauce”) welcome you followed by grains and biscuits, and sweet notes from caramel and fudge and a hint of mint.Palate: she starts with a mouthful of fruit, mainly berries and cherries. This mixes … Continue reading .caol ila – feis ile 2012