.mellow corn

At the versatile Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, they also produce a corn distillate from a 90% corn, 10% rye / malt mashbill. For it to be labelled Bottled in Bond, it has to be bottled at exactly 100 proof (50%) and must have matured for at least four years (among a handful of … Continue reading .mellow corn

.bower hill – reserve rye

From the fourth door of the Drinks by the Dram American #WhiskeyAdvent Calendar, a straight rye from Bowel Hill, allegedly distilled at MGP in Indiana. 43% abv, €80  rye whiskey Nose: a minty rye. Lots of peppermint and young sage over freshly baked rye bread Palate: creamy, with the spiciness of cloves and sage. More … Continue reading .bower hill – reserve rye

.roughstock – montana spring wheat whiskey

This Roughstock wheat whiskey I discovered behind the third door of the 2017 Drinks by the Dram American Whiskey Advent Calendar is created from a locally grown spring wheat, which was double distilled in copper pot stills before it was matured in previously used malt casks and finished in heavily toasted French Oak casks. 45% … Continue reading .roughstock – montana spring wheat whiskey

.michter’s us*1 unblended american whiskey

The first door of this year's DrinksByTheDram American Whiskey Advent Calendar starts with a fine American whiskey from the Michter's distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. Fully matured in "Bourbon soaked American White oak barrels" for three years. 41,7% abv, €60 single malt Nose: A whiff of sweet corn with a woody (pine) layer on top. Freshly … Continue reading .michter’s us*1 unblended american whiskey