.mortlach – 18yo – tbwc – batch 3

Mortlach, the Beast of Dufftown. Primarily created and sold to blenders for her meaty and complex characteristics, often seen with independent bottlers, most of the time from very active ex-Sherry butts. Welcomed and treated as royalty amongst whisky lovers around the globe... 48.3% abv, €100 single malt Nose: a very un-Mortlach-y sweet nose, with buckets full of fresh … Continue reading .mortlach – 18yo – tbwc – batch 3

.mortlach – 1954-2012 – g&m

Mortlach is one of the distilleries that has often been named as a hidden gem amongst whisky enthusiasts. I myself have become one of the may fans of this distillery that offers a small set of official distillery bottlings, but has a large number of independent bottlers who regularly release casks of the meticulously crafted spirit … Continue reading .mortlach – 1954-2012 – g&m

.mortlach – 1998-2014 – wemyss malts – gorse heath

A 16yo Mortlach, chosen by the good people of Wemyss Malts, exclusively bottled for the Kingsbarns distillery shop. Mortlachs in general are very pleasing to my nose and palate, and the smell from a distance is already very promising. Let's dig in...46% abv, €80single maltNose: sweet, thin honey, treacle, fruity, green apples, ripe sweet pears, floral, … Continue reading .mortlach – 1998-2014 – wemyss malts – gorse heath

.mortlach – 16yo – the maltman

Another sample from the vaults of the Maltman. Secrets are to be revealed eventually, such as the whiskies of the Mortlach distillery, kindly given to us by the Maltman's Andrew Hart.??% abv, €?? - cask samplesingle malt, non-chill filtered, natural colourNose: sweet, honey, barley, spicy, peppers, roasted paprika, citrus, grapefruit, raspberries, cookie doughPalate: sweet, honey, spicy, cayenne … Continue reading .mortlach – 16yo – the maltman

.mortlach – 17yo – 1995-2013 – signatory

A Mortlach. Needs no further introduction, does it..?46% abv, €35single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colourNose: sweet, vanilla, fruit, stone fruit, peaches, citrus, raisins, citrus, pomeloPalate: sweet, creamy, fruity, overripe bananas, citrus, oranges, marmalade, spicy, black pepper, a hint of cinnamon and aniseFinish: dry, fruity, apples, medium longMark: +++++ Conclusion: Honestly, I have had better Mortlachs. For the price though, … Continue reading .mortlach – 17yo – 1995-2013 – signatory

.mortlach – 25yo

When we first tasted this at the Benelux introduction party, there was absolute silence in the room. This beauty has fully matured in ex-Bourbon casks for the full quarter of a century.43.4% abv, €786*, single maltNose: sweet, marshmallows, spicy, cloves, black pepper, fruit, warm red apples, exotic fruit, mangos, pineapples, liquorice rootPalate: sweet, rich, fruit, … Continue reading .mortlach – 25yo

.mortlach – 18yo

Mortlach has been liked by many connoisseurs over the pas decades, and in order to expand this love for their product, Diageo has released a threesome of official bottlings. As a part of this release, the 18yo stands in the middle between the NAS rare old and the 25yo.43.4% abv, €250*, single maltNose: sweet, vanilla, warm caramel, … Continue reading .mortlach – 18yo

.mortlach – rare old

A while ago, we had a lovely time at the Benelux release of the new Mortlach range at an event in Brussels, where we met with Miss Mortlach and got to try the three expressions in the range over a lovely dinner party with some journalists and bloggers from the Benelux. Some time after the party, we received a … Continue reading .mortlach – rare old

.wemyss malts – pastille bouquet – mortlach 1998

46% abv, €80, single maltNose: lemon, grass, lemongrass, fresh, floral, tangerinesPalate: sweet, fresh cut grass, citrus, limes, oranges, orange-zest, apples, chocolate coated oranges, hot, floral, milk chocolate, a hint of liquorice rootFinish: hot, spicy, peppers, jalapeños, citrus, lime-peel, long, liquoriceMark: +++++Conclusion: I am not over the moon about this.More info: Distilled in 1998, matured in a hogshead, bottled in 2013 … Continue reading .wemyss malts – pastille bouquet – mortlach 1998