.michter’s us*1 straight rye

America's oldest whiskey variety - rye, is bottled at the Michter's distillery from a single barrel "a unique attribute reflecting our extraordinary commitment to offering Kentucky Straight Rye whiskey of the absolute highest quality at every level of the Michter’s range." Let's see about that... 42.4% abv, €60 straight rye Nose: a mouthful of sweetness and … Continue reading .michter’s us*1 straight rye

.michter’s us*1 unblended american whiskey

The first door of this year's DrinksByTheDram American Whiskey Advent Calendar starts with a fine American whiskey from the Michter's distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. Fully matured in "Bourbon soaked American White oak barrels" for three years. 41,7% abv, €60 single malt Nose: A whiff of sweet corn with a woody (pine) layer on top. Freshly … Continue reading .michter’s us*1 unblended american whiskey

.michters us*1 – kentucky straight bourbon

From the small Michters distillery in Kentucky, a small team produces small batches from a carefully selected mashbill. A small number of casks - rarely more than twelve barrels at a time, some of which are as old as eight years of age, are selected from the warehouses at one time and blended together leaving very … Continue reading .michters us*1 – kentucky straight bourbon