.rittenhouse – straight rye 100 proof

From the versatile Heaven Hill distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, comes this straight rye, which is bottled in bond. From that, we know it has been distilled in one single year, from the same master distiller, has matured in an American Warehouse for at least four years in a new American Oak cask, before it was … Continue reading .rittenhouse – straight rye 100 proof

.john e. fitzgerald – larceny bourbon

From the Heaven Hill Distillery, where the better known brands such as Evan Williams, Elijah Craig and Parker’s Heritage Collection are made, also comes Larceny. Where most bourbons use rye as their second ingredient after corn, the recipe of Larceny is dependent on wheat in their sour mash bill. Each batch is selected and bottled of … Continue reading .john e. fitzgerald – larceny bourbon