big peat – dbtd edition

Big Peat. After a couple of years, he has become a well known face in the shelve on many peated-whisky lovers' collections. A blended malt of several Islay malts, with several special releases for special occasions, each with their special strength. Created in the laboratories of Douglas Laing, especially for the generous people of Drinks … Continue reading big peat – dbtd edition

.big peat – christmas 2015

Ho ho ho... Big Peat is back with the fifth Christmas edition of his all-Islay blended malt (still including Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila and even Port Ellen), and his sleigh is on fire! Smoking hot at that because of the cask strength release...53.8% abv, €50, blended maltNose: sweet, liquorice, salted butter, cinnamon, smoke, charcoalPalate: hot, smoky, sweet, … Continue reading .big peat – christmas 2015

.big peat – batch #59

46% abv, €40, single malt, non-chill filtered, natural colourNose: sweet and at the same time briny. Obviously some peat smoke but also coffee, walnuts and some cinnamonPalate: sweet liquorice, spicy cinnamon, warmingFinish: sweet liquorice root, the mandatory smoke, ash and reasonably longMark: +++++Conclusion: I have had some Big Peat before, and obviously this is of … Continue reading .big peat – batch #59

.big peat

46% abv, €40, blended maltNose: peat-smoke, slight sweet, tangerinesPalate: at first very gentle, then peppers and bittersweet.Finish: gentle, bitter, returns as smoke turning into an ashtray that does not leave anymore...Mark: +++++Conclusion: not a favourite to me. I like a sip of Islay whisky from time to time and I have been driven to drinking whisky because of the (at first) … Continue reading .big peat