.auchentoshan – three wood

Triple distilled like any Auchentoshan, this particular one has had triple maturation as well - Pedro Ximénez ex-Sherry casks, Oloroso ex-Sherry casks and ex-bourbon casks. 43% abv, €45 single malt Nose: a fruity nose, right from the moment you first stick your nose in the glass. Lots of dried fruit, like raisins, plums and dates, … Continue reading .auchentoshan – three wood

.auchentoshan – heartwood

40% abv, single malt, caramel E150a addedNose: slightly medicinal, fresh, stone fruits, citrus, mint, grass, yellow flowers, sour white grapesPalate: fat, firm, stone fruits, mango, citrus, grapes, thick honeyFinish: long, sweet, honey, sweet water melonMark: +++++Conclusion: The medicinal notes on the notes have a non appealing and are overly present, so I had to reach out for better scents. The … Continue reading .auchentoshan – heartwood

.auchentoshan – 12

40% abv, single malt, caramel E150a addedNose: bitter, fresh, apples, citrus, limes, salted butter, mintPalate: gentle, bitter (like strong black tea), citrus, oranges, honeyFinish: sharp, quite long, bitter (the tea again), syrup, liquorishMark: +++++Conclusion: Not a favourite, but a good dram to enjoy whenever. Affordable.More info: Like all other Auchentoshans, every drop has been distilled three times.

.auchentoshan – 18

40% abv, single malt, caramel E150a addedNose: fresh fruits, green herbs, basil, green tea, grassPalate: gentle, fresh, sweet, honey, flowers, roses, nuts, hazelnuts,Finish: warn, round, fat (like olive oil) honey,Mark: +++++Conclusion: Although I have not found a lot on the nose, it is a very elegant whisky. Nothing really special though, so I would recommend … Continue reading .auchentoshan – 18

.auchentoshan – springwood

40% abv, single malt, caramel E150a addedNose: reminds me of crayons, citrus, lime, vanilla, salted butterPalate: honey-sweet, gentle, round, fat mouthfeel, fresh, citrus, lime, lots of vanilla, nutsFinish: medium long, gentle, sugar sweet, lingering sweet in the back of the throat accompanied by hazelnuts and chestnutsMark: +++++Conclusion: Quite young. It could profit from some more years in … Continue reading .auchentoshan – springwood

.auchentoshan – three wood

43% abv, single malt, chill-filtered, caramel E150a addedNose: sweet, vanilla, wood, salt, briny, dried fruits, plums, raisinsPalate: sweet, soft, gentle, rum-soaked raisins, dark chocolate, coffee-sweets (hopjes)Finish: firm, medium long, sweet, oranges, marmalade,Mark: +++++Conclusion: Good one. Definitely one to purchase.More info: Has matured for 10 years in ex-Bourbon, 1year in ex-Oloroso Sherry, 1 year in ex-Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks, after being tripple distilled, as every single drop … Continue reading .auchentoshan – three wood

.auchentoshan – classic

40% abv, single maltNose: medicinal, grass, herbal, fruitPalate: mildly sweet, sharp on the tongueFinish: slightly bitter, shortMark: +++++Conclusion: I have tasted this whisky on several occasions: in masterclasses, on festivals, or at a friends' home, but always come to the conclusion I am not a fan. It is not bad, but I am not buying a … Continue reading .auchentoshan – classic