.rittenhouse – straight rye 100 proof

From the versatile Heaven Hill distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, comes this straight rye, which is bottled in bond. From that, we know it has been distilled in one single year, from the same master distiller, has matured in an American Warehouse for at least four years in a new American Oak cask, before it was bottled at 100 American proof (50% abv).

rittenhouse-straight-rye-100-proof-whiskey50% abv, €40
straight rye

Nose: sweet vanilla, hints of liquorice and a spicy touch of oak
Palate: spicy jalapeño peppers and the sweetness from honey. A hint of vanilla, similar to the one on the nose, coming from the fresh oak used to mature in in bond for four years
Finish: medium long with a layer of creamy honey with hands full of fruity berries. The oakyness is as good as gone now, so you can spend some time with the niceties.

Conclusion: I am quite surprised this is a rye, could have fooled me – oh no, wait. It totally did…

Not really heavy on the rye, which I like.

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