.copper dog

A Copper Dog is a small copper tube with a copper coin welded in one end and a chain on the other, designed to sneak into ones’ trousers leg whilst browsing a whisky warehouse. It is also a bar in the Craigellachie Hotel in Craigellachie, Speyside, Scotland, where they serve this bespoke whisky in their cocktails or if you like, neat. Let’s try the latter.

copper-dog-whisky40% abv, €30 
blended malt

Nose: a fruity nose, with lots of apples, juicy reds and fresh-sour greens mixed together. Sweet too, like a tarte tatin – which, in its turn, is made from peaches…
Palate: slightly dry, but fresh and fruity too. Hints of apple cider and a whiff of fresh lime juice. In the back, there is a touch of sweet amarena cherries in syrup, which is nice.
Finish: quite short and… I’d almost say leathery, which is a bit odd. The apples are there too, and that is what lingers a bit longer.

Conclusion: Quite balanced, to the point where it is almost bland and boring, which is the reason I wouldn’t be drinking it straight any time soon. A good thing it has not been designed for this purpose, so I am afraid that I must obtain a bottle and add it to the collection of “try this in a cocktail” whiskies. Cheers!

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