.glengoyne – 15yo

GlenGoyne, Probably known best for it’s disputable location in either the Highlands or the Lowlands whisky regions of Scotland. Typically, a GlenGoyne has a sweet, toffee like character, driven (helped) by the use of first fill ex-Sherry casks. This 15yo from their core range has received an additional maturation in first fill ex-Bourbon casks, which adds a layer of freshness to it.

glengoyne-15-year-old-whisky43% abv, €50
single malt

Nose: sweet caramel and rich toffee scents with hands full of dried fruit and a pinch of salted butter. Cinnamon and a hint of undefined green herbs come through after a while, but do not take over enough to bland out the toffee notes
Palate: more of the salted butter and caramel / toffee comes through, together with some of the hard green herbs like sage and rosemary, right up to where they get bitter. Or maybe that’s the zesty oranges notes that are hiding underneath?
Finish: medium long, initially with some bitter dried herbs like sage and rosemary with some of those zesty notes again, slowly turning into the signature toffee characteristic most GlenGoynes bare

Conclusion: If you have never tasted a GlenGoyne before, this is a good start to get to know the brand. The ex-Sherry casks with the extra touch of ex-Bourbon give it a little extra punch, which suits it well.

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