.ragtime rye

Brooklyn,New York. After a long absence of (illicit) distilling in the area, a team of brewers and mixologists decided to build a distillery to create the perfect spirits to be used in cocktails, served from their own bar. Let me find out what it does unmixed…

ragtime-rye-whiskey45.2% abv, €50
straight rye

Nose: a touch of oak, buried underneath a sweet layer of vanilla and honey. With some malted rye coming through, this is quite interesting. Let’s continue
Palate: mouth drying like a (very!) dry sherry would, but with rather obvious rye flavours instead of the dried fruits. An added touch is some fresh wood flavour and a hint of honey
Finish: wood, medium long, rye, hint of bitter herbs like laurel and sage and maybe a touch of cloves in there too. As an afterthought, lychee…

Conclusion: I like it. Spicy on the right places with a touch of sweetness. Could have done with a little less dryness, but overall, I wouldn’t mind having one of these around for whenever I would be in need of a good rye

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