.auchentoshan – three wood

Triple distilled like any Auchentoshan, this particular one has had triple maturation as well – Pedro Ximénez ex-Sherry casks, Oloroso ex-Sherry casks and ex-bourbon casks.

auchentoshan-3-wood-whisky43% abv, €45
single malt

Nose: a fruity nose, right from the moment you first stick your nose in the glass. Lots of dried fruit, like raisins, plums and dates, and a spicy touch of cinnamon too
Palate: a nice spicy mouthful with some of the dried fruit notes, but more of a caramel apple and a hint of a juicy pear
Finish: smooth – oh I hate that word, but… she is rather smooth. A spicy cinnamon comes only after a short while and lasts quite a bit, until it changes into something between cocoa, heavily leaning towards coffee

Conclusion: I have always liked this dram. Having a re-taste makes me happy… and wonder why I don’t have an unending budget and cabinet space.

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