.peat’s beast

What can I say about this one: a single malt, from an undisclosed distillery on Islay. Most often this means we are either working with a young Laphroaig or a Caol Ila, where – at this moment, the first is more difficult to obtain for blenders and indie bottlers, so my money is on the latter…

peats-beast-peat-malt-whisky46% abv, €40 
single malt

Nose: young and smokey, with the scent of fresh meat and something slightly metallic, not even that uncommon…
Palate: thick and creamy vanilla sweetness, spicy smoke and something eucalyptus like. Just hints though, the smoke is quite overpowering…
Finish: long, sweet and smoky… that’s it for me, and probably whisky for the remainder of the day…

Conclusion: quite young and harsh. Not very refined if you’d ask me. But, if you are looking for a meaty (peaty) smoke bomb, you are in for a treat…

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