.mackmyra – ten years

Mackmyra. Single malt whisky from Sweden. After ten years in a combination of ex-Bourbon, ex-Oloroso and virgin American Oak casks, they have released a limited number of bottles to the public.

mackmyra-tenyears-bottle46.1% abv, €60
single malt

A strong scent of fresh juniper berries enter the nose with a layer of spicy white pepper, sweet vanilla and fruity raspberries. A hint of broken green twigs find their way in, right as we go to the palate, where a thick, sweet and spicy core of vanilla, fruity pear and white pepper clearly confirm you are drinking Mackmyra. More oriental spices like turmeric and allspice pop up in between a mouth coating, creamy layer of sweet raspberries and pear drops. The delightfully, medium long and slow finish retain the fruity pear drops flavours, when the juniper berries pop back in, right before they conclude into the familiar spicy white pepper note.

Conclusion: I like that they seem to have created a very specific character. Based on Scottish tradition, combined with Swedish ingenuity, good cask management and a brilliant blender with a nose and gut-feeling equalled only by the greatest names in the industry, this ten year old can be seen as a crown on their work – a statement of the quality Angela and Mackmyra are producing together, from the moment they started their cooperation. Good stuff.


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