.north of scotland – 1964-2008 – scott’s selection

The North of Scotland, funnily a distillery in the Lowlands of Scotland, built by Robert Christie in 1958, on top of an old brewery. He built a the grain and “Strathmore” malt distillery in the same location, both producing for the blending industry. After the whisky overproduction in the early 1980’s, Christie was forced to close the distillery. He later built the Speyside distillery in the lower Speyside area, and introduced the “Scott’s Selection” independent bottling line, thus releasing his own produce – in this particular case. The name on the label comes from Robert Scott, master distiller and master blender at Christie’s companies.

IMG_20170514_09554744.8% abv, €150*
single grain

Nose: after a long wait in the glass and a thick, sweet layer of vanilla, more fruity notes reveal themselves, including some apples and pears. A whiff of mint introduces a handful of rosepetals, right before a hint of rye-bread, smeared with a thick layer of ripe cherry jam and a pinch of cinnamon.
Palate: thick and fruity with the apples and pears, a strong taste of pear drops and more thick cherry-jam, mixed with ripe, sweet-and-sour cranberries and treacle.
Finish: a long lasting, thick layer of sweet honey over a hint of tannin, covered in that handful rose petals

Conclusion: takes a while to get where it should be, but that is to be expected from a 44 year old spirit. Very nice to have been able to taste this.

.many thanks to Werner for leaving the remnants of his bottle with us

*if you can still find it today, the price might be a little higher. If not, don’t think twice.


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