.knockando – 12yo – 2000

When we were visiting the distillery in 2016, we were treated to a tasting including their 12 year old, all of which was distilled in 2000. This is something the distillery likes to uphold; bottling a vintage and add an age statement to the label nonetheless, making each individual batch slightly different from the previous, thus abandoning the need for artificial colouring. Still, they feel there is a need for cold filtering their batches, as they bottle at 43%.

20160428_10244843% abv, €40
single malt

Nose: nice and fruity pears and fresh peaches. A nose full of unripe gooseberries and  cranberries and chestnuts being roasted over a fire started with lavender wood
Palate: a spicy mouthful of bay leaf and green herbs such as basil, thyme and rosemary. Sweet, fresh honeycomb and bushes of honeysuckle next to a field of lavender
Finish: medium long apple juice and a touch of pineapple. A floral hint of lavender and a whiff of koriander – almost soapy, luckily very short. After that, long afterthoughts of ripe apples and pears and touches of chestnuts.

Conclusion: wow, that soapy whiff ruined a perfectly nice dram for me. What more can I say? There is not much incentive (for me) to try it again…


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