.mannochmore – 25yo

In 1990, I was trying to grow my first moustache (there are pictures, but it might be better for the world to keep them off of the internet) and had yet to sip my first drop of whisky, beer, or any alcoholic beverage for that matter. This Mannochmore however was distilled that year and put away in rejuvenated casks and a handful of other cask types. The next 25 years were rather boring for the spirit, like most parts of my own youth, but while resting to be bottled for Diageo’s Special Releases 2016, she turned out more than okay, like my own time spent since. Worth the wait, I would like to add…
Special Releases 2016 - Mannochmore 25 YO (3)
53.3% abv, €275
single malt

Nose: fine quality milk chocolate and some juicy red berries right from the bush. Dried cranberries mixed with fresh vanilla pods and an almond rich nougat with a whiff of spices and a leaf or two of marjoram.
Palate: quite creamy for the high abv, slightly dry though, with dried fruits and the thought of tannin and oak coming through as well. In the back of the throat, some more chocolate appears.
Finish: long, warming and sweet, with some more vanilla and fresh picked red berries again. Juicy gooseberries and again, a nice nutty nougat.

Conclusion: Very nice this, but I admit I added a splash of water to bring down the alcohol a little. Still hot and spicy though, and from the Mannochmores I have had previously, this might just be my favourite. Only 3.954 bottles though, so if you have the budget, be quick about it.

.this sample was kindly given to us by Diageo Netherlands

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