.teeling – 13yo – revival II

An Irish single malt, created from a batch of single malt Irish whiskies distilled in 2002. After having had a 12 year maturation period in ex-Bourbon casks, an extras year in ex-Calvados was awarded to the spirit. The Teeling family now has their own distillery, but was the previous owner of the Cooley distillery, producing most Irish single malts, where their current whiskies are most likely sourced from.


46% abv, €110
single malt

Nose: a light sweet scent of vanilla and marshmallows combined with fresh green apple juice and a hint of sweet white wine
Palate: A gentle and creamy flavour of fresh green apples. Warm apple pie with a spicy white pepper and hint of cinnamon.
Finish: a medium long, sweet layer of toffee and vanilla covering the fresh green apples revealing themselves after a while.

Conclusion: Nothing obtrusive, very balanced. A single malt to my liking. With spring on the doorsteps (not that winter was omnipresent this year), this is a dram I like to enjoy in the first rays of sun after a long day at the office.

.this sample was kindly given to us by Teeling


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