.kilchoman – sanaig

A classic Kilchoman (can I already say that, after only eleven-ish years of distillery existence?) with added layers of ex-Sherry to the ex-Bourbon maturation, perfectly positioned between her siblings Machir Bay (predominantly ex-Bourbon) and the Loch Gorm (fully ex-Oloroso Sherry), with a predominance from ex-Oloroso casks, designed to stay as a continuous addition in the distillery’s portfolio.

kilchoman-sanaig-whisky46% abv, €60
single malt

Nose: Boom! From the moment the bottle opens, there is a lot of smoke, distinguishable as Kilchoman, from the way they… do their magic. The same magic always includes a specific Liquorice and a dried plum note. Gotta love it. Add some minty eucalyptus, something heather-y, close to calling it soap-y fwp, more dried fruit (more plums), berries and a hint of sweet cherries, fresh vanilla pods and fluffy marshmallows. Yes, this was still just the nose…
Palate: Continuing on that path, I get a mouthful of creamy honey over a layer of dried fruit (plums and raisins here), and that characteristic liquorice once the smoke has settled. All in all, an easy going, smoky experience, with a hint of chocolate upon swallowing.
Finish: This is quite a long finish. Creamy, heather-y honey, with more fresh liquorice-y Menthos, and a nice, ash-y layer of peat embers.

Conclusion: ah. Kilchoman. Recognisable by the scent and palate in most instances. A characteristic liquorice and dried fruit notes which can already be found in the new make almost always on top of my notes from the moment a glass is poured. This is nothing different -yet very different, and I love it.

.this sample was kindly given to us by Drinks by the Dram in one of their Christmas Crackers.

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