.glenfiddich – project ipa

I love some experimentation from time to time. Traditions are nice, but can prove to be… more of the same at some point. Malt Master Brian Kingsman from Glenfiddich must have thought a similar thought when he sipped a beer from local Speyside craft brewer Seb Jones, and together, they cooked up some ideas. It ended up by putting IPA in ex-whisky casks, infusing them with hopp-y notes. Log story short*, after some time they emptied the beer from the casks and filled them with mature whisky. After a couple of months more – the Glenfiddich Experiment #1 whisky was bottled.

Tile-IPA-v243% abv, €50 
single malt

Nose: the immediate Glenfiddich apples and pear characteristics, with a floral apple blossom and a herbal note of… marijuana? Probably a hop of some sort – since that is family, but I am not too familiar with the scent of different hop species to put my finger on it exactly. A hint of liquorice and anise seeds at the moment I am taking a sip.
Palate: sweet (that liquorice) and creamy. Apple-sauce with a nice touch of herbs like basil and a spicy anise hint. Waves of dried fruits exchange the herbs and spices, and a hint of citrus-y orange peel pops up too.
Finish: first, I get some creamy butterscotch before a long journey of hazelnuts, apples and basil keep going for quite some time.

Conclusion: I had expected it to be more… “beer-y”, which it is not, and that’s a good thing. She is lovely and creamy, with an odd, but really well working herbal layer. Well done those guys! Now, all I have to do is find me a bottle and see of they have done something with that poor whisky-cask matured beer…

.this sample was kindly given to us by our friend and Glenfiddich ambassador Tony. Cheers mate, sorry for plundering your personal selection!

*Short story long: see the Glenfiddich website.


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