.benromach – sassicaia – 2009

In 2009, the Benromach distilled batch of spirit which was put to rest in first fill ex-Bourbon barrels. Not unlike their in 2007 distilled Sassicaia release, they decided to put the matured spirit in ex-Sassicaia casks from the Bolgheri region in Tuscany, and 28 months later they emptied these casks into 7783 bottles.

SASSICAIA_2009HERO45% abv, €50
single malt

Nose: briny, with hints of rubber, right before I pick up the smoke and the spicy cinnamon and allspice notes. Sweet ripe and juicy red berries go hand in hand with a hint of thyme.
Palate: more hints of rubber on fire, together with sweet, ripe straeberries and warm cherries with a hint of overripe mango.
Finish: a medium length, creamy hint of smoke, slightly briny with sweet berries and warm cherries

Conclusion: quite hefty for something I expected to be fruity and “winey”. A nice surprise though, and I would really like to have another go at some point. For the price, there isn’t a reason not to…

.this sample was kindly given to us by Benromach 



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