.irish single malt – 24yo – tbwc – batch 1

An Irish single malt from #BoutiqueyWhisky twitter tasting from an unknown source. 24 years ago, in 1993, there were only 2 options, the (then) recently opened Cooley Distillery and the mass-producing plant in Midleton where, in 1966, the three remaining distilleries of that period joined forces. The hint on the label refers to the latter and, although the former makes more single malt, my guesses are this was sourced from our friends in Midleton.

Irish batch 146.8% abv, €140*
single malt

Nose: a sweet and fruity nose of tropical fruits, such as mango, passion fruit and pineapples. Hints of orange peel, spicy cinnamon and  allspice.
Palate: creamy and sweet mouth feel. Fresh oranges and ripe plums, and the funky taste of ripe lychees.
Finish: more of the lychees at the beginning, mixed with orange peel. Long lasting taste of Peche Melba, tropical fruits like papaya, mango (in a smoothie) and a couple of raspberries. A pinch of cinnamon on top makes it long lasting.

Conclusion: Another one I really like. Yes, the price is up there, but honestly, how many chances do you get to have a 24 year old Irish whiskey?

*per 50cl



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