.glenrothes – 25yo – tbwc – batch 3

At the #BoutiqueyWhisky twitter tasting, we sampled a 25 year old Glenrothes, bottled at cask strength into only 139 bottles. Know for their beefy, slightly sulphur-y spirit, the Glenrothes mostly bottles their whiskies from ex-Sherry casks. Looking at, and sniffing this dram, I doubt the spirit has ever been close to one, let alone seen the inside.

glenrothesbatch449.7% abv, €140*
single malt

Nose: Pleasant notes of sweet and fruity, warm red apple sauce, the scent of fresh walnut skin (ever had green fingers from unskinning them? That smell), Hints of coconut shavings, spicy nutmeg and ginger root, and, towards the end, fresh pineapple juice
Palate: A creamy peach, pineapple and pear juice mixture, spicy nutmeg and ginger root flavours with a layer of mocha and Cafe Noir biscuits, liquorice root and anise seed have a pleasant transfer into the finish.
Finish: Starting with the creamy mocha, Cafe Noir biscuits, liquorice root and anise, I eventually find notes of hazelnut cream, ginger root and coconut slivers, to accompany me quite some time.

Conclusion: this, I can get behind. Normally I am put off by the sulphur notes often coming from the ex-Sherry casks in combination with the spirit (yeah, I know… shoot me), but this, probably coming from ex-Bourbon casks, has much less of that. The little bits I do find come from the nutty spirit, and are a pleasant addition to the drink.

*per 50cl


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