.secret distillery – 15yo – tbwc – batch 2

A single malt whisky from “a secret distillery in the Highlands of Scotland, with the sixteen hybrid swan-m’n on the label”. A beautiful pinkish-red hue, hinting towards a red wine or port maturation or finish – if you are into relying on taking anything from a whisky’s colour, this is a hint you can take for granted. Secret distilleries in the Highlands are most of the time either Glenfarclas or Glenmorangie, since neither allow independent bottlers to carry the name of their distillery, but have rare occasions where they sell or trade one or two casks to brokers and blenders…

secret 2 product-5825451% abv, €120*
single malt

Nose: Very sweet milk chocolate scents and nutty marzipan and almond notes. Spicy cinnamon comes out too, together with warm Maraschino cherries, but the main thing my nose picks up is orange peel dipped in the milk chocolate from the beginning.
Palate: A sweet and spicy palate with bay leafs and cinnamon, creamy strawberries and the citrus-y flavour of chocolate dipped orange peel.
Finish: Not too long of a finish, yet a rather enjoyable one, with the sweet milk chocolate again with strawberries and more warm cherries, with a hint of cocoa powder on top.

Conclusion: An enjoyable, rather sweet experience, a-typical from the Highland distillery in question, but at the same time a whisky that would fit in their experimental portfolio. An experiment that might have been too out there to release under their own label.

More info: The “16 Swan-m’n” may refer to the 16 men of Tain the Glenmorangie company refers to in almost all of their campaigns. The label of the bottle also pictures one of the men in front of size chart over 24′, which just might refer to the 26′ high stills of the company. Just a thought…

Only 124 bottles of 50cl were bottled.

We were given this sample as part of a #BoutiqueyWhisky twitter tasting.

*per 50cl


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