.mortlach – 18yo – tbwc – batch 3

Mortlach, the Beast of Dufftown. Primarily created and sold to blenders for her meaty and complex characteristics, often seen with independent bottlers, most of the time from very active ex-Sherry butts. Welcomed and treated as royalty amongst whisky lovers around the globe…

mortlachbatch448.3% abv, €100
single malt

Nose: a very un-Mortlach-y sweet nose, with buckets full of fresh orange juice, together with hints of burnt toast and a floor full of saw dust. Hints of furniture polish make it a raw romantic breakfast on a still sticky, just finished and polished table in a wood-shop. How odd…
Palate: a sweet and creamy, mouth coating experience, with spicy cinnamon balls, and creamy dark chocolate. An odd layer of pears and oranges make it an interesting experience.
Finish: long, sweet and creamy. A floral note of honeysuckle and heather combined with the spicy notes of mace and cinnamon.

Conclusion: An oddball, Mortlach wise, but I am a fan. I am guessing this has matured in an ex-Bourbon cask because of the complete absence of dried fruits o the givaway notes of ex-Sherry matured whiskies. Steep on the price, but nowhere near the price of the Official Bottling, and much nicer too…

More info: *bottled into 353 bottles of 50cl

.this sample was kindly given to us as part of a #BoutiqueyWhisky twitter tasting


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