.loch lomond – 19yo – tbwc – batch 3

The first whisky in the #BoutiqueyWhisky Twitter Tasting was a 19 year old Loch Lomond. The distillery in Alexandria has the capability of producing almost any style from single grain to single malt, using different types of stills, grains. For this bottling, the guys and gals from That Boutique-y Whisky Company have found a cask of single grain maturing for 19 years in one of the many racked, stacked or earthen floored warehouses

Loch Lomond-5162149.7% abv, €65*
single grain

Nose: From the first sniff, I get a lot of spiciness and herbal notes. Cinnamon, allspice, bay leafs, nutmeg, cloves, you could use this as a good base for a stew. Sweet notes from honey and vanilla, floral notes from heather and hints of creamy coffee liquor and mocha. Slivers of coconut shavings make it a complex combination.
Palate: The spicy and herbal notes continue on the palate, creating a full-on bowl of stew, with the herbal and spice notes from the nose. The sweetness, including the creamy coffee liquor is also continued, but is now complimented by nutty hints of hazelnuts.
Finish: Again the spices from cinnamon and the bitter hint from bay leafs and some nutmeg come through, with a nice, long lasting gingerbread and walnut-y aftertaste.

Conclusion: I like this, and quite a lot too.

More info: Not too many details have been revealed for this bottling, but my guess would be this has been maturing in a refill ex-Bourbon cask for its full term. Only 267, 50cl bottles, bottled at cask strength are available.

*per 50cl


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