.villa de varda – grappa vecchia riserva vibrazione

From the still dripping Trentino pomaces, freshly gathered from gently pressed grapes creating several Trentino wines, a selection of several of the most promising, slowly distilled Ville de Varda grappas are gathered and matured in casks from century old red fir, once used for the most elusive violins…

grappa-villa-de-varda-vibrazione-140% abv, €200*

Nose: a fruity, sweet start, with fruit bowls filled with sweet juicy grapes, fresh apricots and very ripe peaches. Floral scents of buttercups and violets, accompanied by ripe rose hip, freshly picked hazelnuts and a handful of wine gums – a bit of an oddball here…
Palate: creamy and sweet, warming the palate and tongue, One might feel the 40% abv is a bit underwhelming at first, but the sweet honey cream and floral notes of violets and ripe rose hip quickly take place in the gaps left for them by the gentle liquid. A smooth nut paste with almonds, hazelnuts, creamy chestnuts and some grated nutmeg, make sure the ride is smooth and satisfying
Finish: medium length finish, with more sweet stone fruits like peaches and apricots, sweet juicy grapes and a delicious sweet white wine make it a journey worth while.

Conclusion: Jeez, I really hate to use the word ‘smooth’, but I am afraid I cannot evade it in this note. A serious grappa, smooth, creamy and not too sweet, a nice spice, undoubtedly added in from the red fir wood used to mature this in. My first grappa note, and as thing look from here, it probable will not be my last. I can already imagine myself driving through the north of Italy in the Dolomite mountain range, saving some space in the trunk for one of these very special boxes…

Honey, where are we going to go this summer’s holiday?

.this sample was kindly given to us by van Wees Holland, during a special tasting at their store.

*per 1.5 litre decanter, comes in a nice red fir casket and includes a CD with a Paganini Concert, played on a 1695 Stradivarius, made from the same wood.


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