.tomatin – cu bocan 2005

Peated Tomatin is quite rare, allegedly first created by accident from a wrong malt delivery in 1989. They have been distilling lightly peated malt for a number of years again, and after the initial 1989 vintage release, the distillery have now released an 11 year old vintage, distilled in 2005, matured in a combination of ex-Sherry and ex-Bourbon casks, released in only 11,400 bottles worldwide.

cu-bocan-2005-bottle-box50% abv, €50
single malt

Nose: a creamy and malty, steaming warm bowl of oatmeal with a good dollop of a thick sugarcane treacle and a handful of dried cranberries. An open pot of Nutella still is on the kitchen counter.
Palate: more of the creamy oatmeal and sweet treacle, but someone seems to have added a spicy pinch of cinnamon and a dash of candied ginger-juice. Smoked cocoa shavings are sprinkled through, making it a very interesting breakfast for sure.
Finish: a young-ish finish, where the bowl of creamy oatmeal still is quite present at first. Smoked bacon and sweet cocoa shavings eventually take over to stay.

Conclusion: a very likeable dram. If you like your malty, peaty flavours, this definitely is a dram to have a look at with your next whisky purchase. Specifically the malty bits can give you the feeling this whisky isn’t quite there yet and has to mature for a bit longer than the 11 years it now has had. Personally, I like it, although the 1989 vintage was on a different level entirely.

.this sample was kindly given to us by the Tomatin distillery


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