.glen scotia – victoriana

After an unknown period of time, a number of casks “chosen for their rare character and exceptional maturity” were selected from the Glen Scotia warehouses before they were poured in a number of heavily charred casks, to undergo a second maturation for again, an unknown period.

bottle_victoriana51.5% abv, €90
single malt

Nose: Immediately on the start the nose reveals the intense sweetness of fresh liquorice root, swiftly followed by a whiff of green apples and a basket of dried fruit. The smell of the wicker basket itself is still there, but masked with dried cranberries, raisins and sour grapes. A touch of dry sherry wine makes this a scene of a cosy and quite healthy picnic.
Palate: At first, the sharpness of the 51.5% is quite overpowering, before the sweet cherries and cranberries open the body of the creamy liquid. The combination of liquorice root and a semi dry sherry wine make for a pleasant experience.
Finish: Slightly dry, again with the sherry wine notes and a long, fruity experience including more cranberries and raisins.

Conclusion: There seems to be some sherry influence, but nothing too heavy, allowing the liquid to show some of her own pleasant style and flavour. This is good liquid, and it doesn’t need a shiny lacquered box or a special crystal decanter or solid golden stopper, but from the looks of the bottle, I do not get the feeling I am about to taste something special. Not knowing the details towards the contents of the bottle also doesn’t immediately give and incense to spend quite a handsome sum of money.


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