.jim beam – distiller’s masterpiece


Jim Beam has taken a bourbon – aged for a longer period than their standard bourbons and finished this on ex-Pedro Ximénez casks for an unknown period, before bottling it in a special release called the Distiller’s Masterpiece. Although there are many unknowns in the composition and ages, there are not many bourbons that are finished in any cask type, let alone PX, so this makes me very curious as to what it will do to my senses…

24_jim-beam-distillers-masterpiece-whisky50% abv, €400

Nose: Doesn’t really open that well at first, only letting go of a whiff of oak. A drop of water and some persuasion by rolling the liquid around in the glass, convinced her to reveal the hints of grain and dried cranberries. After that, there isn’t much needed to peal away the intense sweet notes of the fresh figs, the honeycomb and the sweetened green tea, which has been spiced up by a chunk of liquorice root.
Palate: Initially thin in flavour, but creamy as a mouth feel. Sweet from treacle and a handful of red fruit like fresh figs, juicy ripe raspberries and sweet strawberries. Spicy white pepper, allspice and a touch of mace, right before a touch of blood orange juice.
Finish: Long with a touch of oak and the sweet liquorice root we found in the nose as well, just as the sweetened strong green tea. More red fruit from the PX-cask influence with cranberries having the most to tell. A long lasting marmalade completes the experience

Conclusion: In a One-Of-These-Is-Not-What-It-Seems tasting, this would score high points. If you are looking for a high end bourbon, look away. If you can afford the bottle, and you are looking for a smooth, sweet beverage of an obvious excellent quality, I have just find your match. She is so unlike a bourbon, I would not have picked her as one. If I could vote for more (ex-Sherry) finished bourbons, they could count on an Aye!” from me.

.the 24th and last dram in the Drinks by the Dram Bourbon Advent Calendar 2016. They couldn’t have chosen a better and more different one to complete the series.


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