.bache gabrielsen – vsop – pure & rustic


Founded by Norwegian Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen in 1905, the family continued the company over the years and is now run by Great-Grandson Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen. The Pure & Rustic range is a modern style cognac, where the VSOP is a blend of 75% Fins Bois and 25% Borderies cognac, matured in oak casks for around 8 years.

23_pr-vsop40% abv, €40
cognac – vsop

Nose: Friendly on the nose, this one, nothing too sweet, maybe even a little timid for a cognac. Creamy notes of beeswax right out of the hive, close to gluey wood polish at some point. Floral rose(petals) and sweet rosewater with a touch of marjoram and ripe blood orange.
Palate: More of the sweet and creamy beeswax and honey notes in conjunction with the floral notes of apple and pear blossom. Herbal bay leafs, rosemary and marjoram and a touch of spicy nutmeg.
Finish: long and creamy, a floral honeysuckle, buttercups and rose petals, together with a slight bitter blood orange peel closure.

Conclusion: Not all bad. If I would have tasted this blind, there is a chance I would not have recognised this as a cognac. The overall lack of sweetness and the spicy, floral notes put it in a whole different category as what I am used to. A likeable category.

.from the Drinks by the Dram Cognac Advent Calendar 2016, door number 23


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