.blanton’s – gold edition


Blanton’s Bourbon was born after Warehouse H. at the (now) Buffalo Trace distillery was erected. When prohibition ended, demand for bourbon grew, and to speed up building a new warehouse, it was built with steel walls, allowing heat to build op more quickly. In the centre of the warehouse, known as the centre cut, maturation would be at its prime, and recognising the high level of cask interaction, in 1984 the first single casks were bottled, first as a special gift for ambassadors, dignitaries, family and special friends. The Gold Edition is created from a recipe of corn, rye and malted barley and is bottled at cask strength into limited numbers of bottles at a time. It is unknown to me which barrel this specimen was taken from.

23_blantons-gold-edition-whiskey51.5% abv, €70
straight bourbon

Nose: The immediate start shows it is thick and creamy. Creamed yeast comes to mind, with grainy notes of malted barley and a strong rye bread connection. Dried herbs like sage and a minty basil, with a spicy layer of mace, allspice and a touch of cinnamon.
Palate: Sweet and creamy. That is how the first sip covers the tongue and mouth, then spicy white pepper corns and more mace, allspice and cinnamon notes. Sage and a minty eucalyptus continue for a while before you decide to swallow.
Finish: More cream on the initial finish, a floral, heather-y honey continues for a while when suddenly, the minty freshness and the citrus-y basil return to stay.

Conclusion: Oh, yes. I like her. A little sweet on the palate maybe, but there is enough going on to make sure that sweetness is not overpowering anything. I would like to see more of her whenever I get the chance. She is present for a while, and I honestly like her companionship quite a lot.

.from the 23rd door of the Drinks by the Dram Bourbon Advent Calendar 2016


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