.johnnie walker – blue label

WhiskySpeller HQ recently received an invite to a Christmas release party for the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, showing off his new Denim Blue Winter Edition Jacket. Sadly, Ansgar and myself could not make it that given day, but Diageo was friendly enough to engrave one of the limited edition bottles with our name and ship it to our Headquarters. After snapping a set of pictures, we popped the cork, had a sip, and shared the bottle amongst friends.

johnnie-walker-blue-winter-edition-2016-whiskyspeller40% abv, €135

Nose: Quite the nose full of warm caramelised red apples, walking hand in hand with stewed meat spiced with cloves and bay leafs. A nutty scent of warm chestnuts and a couple of apricots, roasting over a nice, slightly smoky wood fire.
Palate: A strong taste of stewed beef, again with the bay leaf and clove, then sweet toffee and butterscotch over milk chocolate and creamy malt. Malterzers anyone?
Finish: A fair hint of smoke and a touch of oak with sweet toffee and a handful of liquorice root. More stewed meat, with once again bay leafs and cloves.

Conclusion: A good dram to start the evening. Nothing too exotic and excessive, but finely tuned to accommodate anyone’s palate.

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