.merlet – sélection saint-sauvant


From their website, one could think the Cognac producers Merlet only produce one blended cognac. Besides their earlier reviewed Brother’s Blend, they appear to have another expression, that is made from some of their finest stocks, including Petit Champagne from 1993, Fins Bois from 1992 and 2003 and Grande Champagne which has aged for over ten years.

20_merlet-selection-saint-sauvant-cognac45.2% abv, €110

Nose: a very gentle nose, with hints of citrus, slightly sweet with a whiff of vanilla and sweet, ripe strawberries. A slight spice note of nutmeg and cinnamon makes me ready for a sip.
Palate: not overly sweet, again the citrus and spices, with more nutmeg and the hint of cinnamon. The fruity berry notes are now more cranberry-esque in stead of the strawberries from the nose.
Finish: a medium long finish, with a slightly dry citrus tang and a hint of nutmeg.

Conclusion: A rather enjoyable dram, this, if I only would pay this much money for it.

.this sample was behind the twentieth door of the Drinks by the Dram Cognac Advent Calendar 2016. Thanks for sharing!


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