.basil hayden’s – bourbon


Set the clock back to 1796, and you will find master distiller Basil Hayden in his distillery, experimenting with adding different grains to the traditional corn mash. Rye was one of the core ingredients to play with, and that is still to be found in the recipe. Nowadays distilled and matured at the Jim Beam distillery, who own the rights to the brand.

18_basil-haydens-bourbon-whiskey-70cl40% abv, €40
straight bourbon

Nose: starting with a little grain. Not a really outspoken nose at first, but when I dig a little deeper, rye notes are getting clearer, followed suite by fruity of pears and warm apple sauce, spiced with cinnamon and a hint of sage.
Palate: creamy and a little dry at the same time. Sweet as vanilla ice cream with small amounts of chocolate sprinkles. Some sweet and spicy cinnamon rolls with my espresso. It’s like the last parts of a dinner in one sip.
Finish: a medium long and slightly dry finish, again with the vanilla ice cream, but now with honey. When all is done, hints of oak appear to stay for a while longer

Conclusion: I am in between to opinions here. At one side, there are notes coming back everywhere, balancing the dram, but in the other side, there are some ‘off’ notes disturbing that balance again. Purely value for money speaking, she is fair game.

.this sample was hidden behind door number 18 of the Drinks by the Dram Bourbon Advent Calendar 2016. Thanks for sharing!




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