.glen grant – 1949 – g&m


In 1949, my father was still playing in a sandbox with his brothers somewhere in the Netherlands, and my mother wasn’t even born yet. The Glen Grant distillery in Rothes, Scotland however, was distilling the whole year around and sold some of their spirit to Gordon & Macphail. They were frequent visitors that year, and brought a range of first fill Sherry hogsheads and butts and refill Sherry hogsheads to the distillery on several moments (see below). Eventually, they bottled five of these casks into 75 bottles to further complete their Speyside Collection, and gave us a sample to try.

gm_rare_vintage_glen_grant_1949_40_70cl_web40% abv, €12.500*
single malt

Nose: Slightly closed at first,  with only a handful of sweet gooseberries revealing themselves to my nose, so I decided to leave her breathe for a while. After an hour or so, the fresh scent of spring appeared. Wet green leafs, rose petals, violets and rose hip all around me, I can almost hear the bees buzzing, pollinating apples trees and making the beeswax and heather honey. Not sure where the smoked bbq-bananas and prunes fit in though,  but I am not complaining. Also, anyone want some milk-chocolate dipped vanilla-creamed rice crackers with marzipan? They are there too…
Palate: More smoke from coals, almost ash which are close to drying the mouth. Spicy sweet fruit takes over just in time though, where sweet and juicy apples and fresh apricots have the lead. Again, the creamy vanilla biscuits, this time without the chocolate, but with enough creamy clover honey and some bees wax to compromise.
Finish: And even more ash on the swallow. I know yesteryear’s malts were mostly dried with peat smoke and the stills were directly fired with coal, but there seems to be quite a lot of it. After the smoke clears, I get more fruit. Definitely ripe prunes and hands full of cranberries,  brambles and blackberries everywhere. I once again see myself in a garden at the beginning of spring, everything in full bloom, with the bees buzzing all around starting their hard work for another year. Taste the growing grass, the dandelions, buttercups and honeysuckle opening themselves, releasing their nectar…

Conclusion: Obviously, she needed some time to breath. Then; just ‘wow’…

More info: Cask #30 First fill Sherry hogshead, distilled 6th January 1949, Cask #2200 First fill Sherry butt, distilled 3rd June 1949, Cask #2764 Refill Sherry hogshead, distilled 29th October 1949, Cask #3182 First fill Sherry butt, distilled 24th November 1949, Cask #3185 First fill Sherry butt, distilled 24th November 1949, married and bottled at an age of 64 on the 6th June 2014.

*for the wholse set with six exquisite bottles

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