.françois voyer – xo


Created from 100% Grand Champagne grapes from the lands of François Voyer family. Composed from eaux-de-vies aged in toasted new Limousin oak casks for the first three years, before maturation was continued in re-used barrels and hogsheads between 10 and 25 years old.

16_francois-voyer-xo-cognac40% abv, €95

Nose: Except for a whiff of floral notes, she is rather closed at first. Later comes a fruity/ floral sweetness, where rose petals and (Parma) Violets are quite distinct. Ripe mango and litchi take some more time to pop up, but are definitely there, to stay.
Palate: A firm mouth full of spicy cinnamon and nutmeg accompanied by a hint of fresh ground coffee beans. Not long after, the sweet floral notes take over with honeysuckle and more Parma Violets
Finish: With swallowing, a whole red grapefruit is squeezed into your esophagus. Lingering in the back of the throat, the sweet floral Parma Violets are there again, with a hint of hazelnuts.

Conclusion: Although I am not a big fan of Parma violets (that’s putting it very mild), I quite like this. As ever, the drying (empty) glass gives me some plums on the nose, which is nice, but rather too late to really be able to join the party as a true tasting note. I wouldn’t be disappointed when I was given another sample/ glass/ bottle for Christmas.

.this sample was kindly given to us by the Drinks by the Dram Cognac Advent Calendar 2016


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