.rebel yell


A corn, wheat and malted barley based recipe dating back since 1849, made with pure limestone filtered water and aged in new charred oak barrels, this sample found its way into the Drinks by the Dram Bourbon Advent Calendar 2016, behind door number 15.

15_rebel-yell-kentucky-straight-bourbon-whisky40% abv, €25
straight bourbon

Nose: sweet, vanilla, fruit, apple juice, gingerbread, cereal
Palate: sweet and sour, vanilla, fruit, gooseberries, unripe grapes
Finish: short, sweet, vanilla, fruit, gooseberries, grapes

Conclusion: You will not find me running to the stores to find me a bottle to be honest. It is a simple, straight forward bourbon, without the intensity rye can give you on the nose and palate sometimes, so there is that. Not a bad whiskey, but as their own websites reflects with conviction, it might be of better use as a mixer, opposed to drinking neat. I am not overly impressed.


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