.kings county distillery – bourbon


In 2010, the first New York City distillery started operating their stills, Again, the first since Prohibition (see yesterday’s bourbon note). “Made from New York State organic corn and malted barley from the U.K., and aged in new, American oak charred barrels, generally for two summers”.  So new, it is not even available at the blokes from Master of Malt yet, but already in their Drinks by the Dram Bourbon Advent Calendar 2016

14_bourbon35% abv, €??*

Nose: sweet, grain, corn, honey, green wood, liquorice root
Palate: sweet, sugary, spicy, red peppers, tobacco, dark chocolate
Finish: lobg, sweet, dried fruit, rum raisins, woody

Conclusion: I like it, but I don’t really know why. There is not much coming of the nose and palate, and the bits I did get aren’t even that pleasant, but still, there is something about it…

*per 375ml, but I don’t know for how much, see the note on top.


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