.makers mark


So, with door number 12 of the Drinks by the Dram Bourbon Advent Calendar, we pulled an old familiar. When I was looking at the Maker’s Mark website for some more information about the drink I have in my glass, it took me about ten minutes to find the slightest information about the product. What an absolute crap website that is, completely focused on recipes for cocktails and mixing, not even a hint of any detail about the drink itself. I’ll stop my grumbling about trivialities before I truly start and will focus on the drink, thank you very much…

12_makers-mark-whiskey45% abv, €30

Nose: closed, cereals, sweet corn, alcohol, hints of liquorice root and mint
Palate: harsh, sweet, thin, treacle, floral, honeysuckle, caramel, when you dare keeping it in your mouth longer than a few seconds you get some cappuccino and a hint of cocoa
Finish: short, rather raw, dry, sweet corn, honey

Conclusion: Well, that explains why they focus on mixing so much. It is not my favourite bourbon to date, and that’s me being kind.


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