.longmorn – 1967-2015 – g&m – speyside collection


The very nice people of the family run company Gordon & MacPhail have sent a nice selection of their latest range to WhiskySpeller HQ, containing samples of their latest set of whiskies, available in a box of six exceptional vintages. From this set, I randomly picked one sample bottle and decided today was a good day for a Longmorn older than myself. Distilled on the 31st of October 1967, matured in first fill Sherry butt #4645 and bottled at an age of 47 on the 21st of September 2015.

gm_rare_vintage_longmorn_1967_43_70cl_web43% abv, €12.500*
single malt

Nose: The nose immediately reveals the cask’s ex-Sherry origin with notes from fresh red fruit. Red berries, brambles, raspberries, prunes – the works, followed by a hint of dry white wine. Nosing a little longer, I get different sweetness from vanilla and custard pudding, the slightly burned note of the caramel layer on top of a properly made crème brûlée, and on top of all this, fresh lemon cheese cake and lemon curd make me want to go a step further.
Palate: Right where the nose left me hanging, the palate continues from the lemon curd and cheese cake, right back to the sweet and creamy mouthful of more berries. Black currants, strawberries and raspberries, together with the floral hint of honeysuckle. The warm and spicy white peppers and fresh ginger are a nice addition to the taste.
Finish: Long and creamy, I hate to use the word mellow, but it is what it is. Hints of white pepper and bay leafs and a nice fresh orange zest remain.

Conclusion: This is ridiculous. Really. How they have managed to have this mature into what she is now, is a riddle. Not even a hint of the often very harsh and bitter wood notes and tannins I often get when tasting a lengthy aged whisky.

*recommended retail price per set of six whiskies

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