.hine – bonneuil 2006


Yesterday’s door of the Drinks by the Dram Cognac Advent Calendar 2016 revealed a headache free cognac from Hine. Today, door number 12 reveals another vintage from the same distillery, let’s hope for another fresh and fruity morning.

 12_hine-bonneuil-2006-cognac42.8% abv, €85
Nose: fresh, fruity (not intentional), ripe bananas, litchi, citrus, lime juice, mint, Mentos, eucalyptus, liquorice root, slightly nutty, hazelnuts, a hint of cocoa
Palate: sweet, honeycomb, creamy, almost buttery, fruit, mango, ripe bananas, tobacco, sandalwood
Finish: long, spicy, nutmeg, sweet, vanilla pods, tobacco leaves
Mark: ++++/+
Conclusion: Okay. I am a convert. Well, for this cognac I could be one. Although she is still a bit on the sweet side for my taste, I can accept and get over it, and the overall profile agrees with me. Quite a bit too.

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